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8 years ago
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Reviews Created for Every Commit

A CC Review is generated for every commit made on the repository.  This will result in many, many emails at one time, unmanageable for the most part. In our process, there can be  multiple ‘commits’ in our every Peer Review (PR).  We had to turn off the GIT integration because of this.


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    We have this problem... From what I can see, we put in a Pull request from GitHub and this gets polled by Collaborator, which creates the corresponding Review item for the author (in Collaborator).


    Collaborator then uses a Personal Access Token (linked to my GitHub account, incidentally) to update the comments against ALL of the commits for that Pull request, with a link to the Review item.


    On doing this, GitHub then pings all authors (and other interested parties) on the Pull thread for each-and-every comment against each commit, spamming my users (from my GitHub account, no less!).


    What we really want is just one e-mail, from Collaborator, which notifies the author that they have a Review item to action. I don't want Collaborator to drive GitHub into pinging everyone and I don't really want to have users ignoring GitHub (in general) either.


    Just one Review link against the Pull thread (top-level) would suffice. This contains all of the commits anyway, so it's entirely traceable.

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    Can someone please give me an update on this issue?   Does this comment by karld-team mean this is going to be addressed? 


    Lorraine Murphy, Riptide Software

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    We would be also very interested in an answer to this question?


    Generating a review for every single commit in a Pull Request makes the Collaborator unusable for us.