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6 years ago
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Review sent to rework displayed as requiring attention

As a reviewer, if I send a review to rework, it then is displayed with the status "Waiting for defect rework" with a yellow arrow.


However, if the author then comes back with some comments, even if I mark them as read, the review is now displayed with the status "Rework defects" and is displayed with a red arrow indicating that it requires my attention. Previously there was an option to put it back into the waiting state, but now there is no option. The review sits in my list as if it needs my attention. When the rework is actually done and there are new files uploaded it won't be obvious.

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    When you click "Send to rework", there are different options presented underneath that determine when you are notified / sent back to "Active" status, and I believe the default is "Any activity occurs", so a tip if you don't want to be notified until files are uploaded, is that you can select the option "File activity occurs". 


    If you click "Send to rework" - it seems counterintuitive to me, but that means you actually approve the reivew (once all the feedback is addressed) - I also don't understand why you cannot revoke that status and go back to a "Waiting" state once you have essentially approved by clicking "Send to rework". 


    In older versions of Collaborator the button was always labeled "Approve", and I personally think renaming it to "Send to rework" made it less clear, and the review phases and corresponding "Next Action" buttons are not as intuitive as they possibly could be - that is also dicussed in other suggestion improvment topics on this site.