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3 years ago
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Review configuration management or activity history display

One of our users re-opened a review to add a new reviewer. They discovered the previous review comments from other reviewers disappeared after that. This makes them very uncomfortable about their data and how they can have sufficient traceability information in case there is an audit. We recommend the following ideas for consideration:

1. Provide an option for users to keep existing data when a review is re-opened.

2. Add an option to allow automatic review export (such as PDF) when a review is closed and list all exports in the review as history. Admin can choose a repository such as CMS or artifact management system for PDF storage.

3. Save review as code to a git repository so users can see the changes and can revert back to certain stage if any issue occurs. Since it is in git, all activities can be recorded and can be traced.


There might be other possible solutions. The goal is to keep full traceability in the system. Thanks.

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