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8 years ago
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Provide server version to a client

Hi there,


While scripting for Collaborator administration tasks (like triggers), I was disappointed not to have an opportunity to get directly the server version from a command to the server with the ccollab utility; I was obliged to write down inside the script that reference, knowing that I will have to modify it at next server upgrade :smileysad:


Thus, would it be a so big evolution to propose, in a future release, a command option (e.g.  'ccollab version' or 'ccollab admin version') that returns the server build number to the client utility?

It would be a great help. Thanks!





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    Since new Web API, it is possible to get server version with JSON command [ { "command" : "ServerInfoService.getVersion" } ]

    But, it is not enough!

    What would be nice, is to get a variable substitution (sort of $ that would allow inside a script fired by a trigger to know exactly what is the identification of the collaborator server doing that action (aka its URL).