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9 years ago

Provide a way to mark each file as reviewed

On large reviews, it can be hard for a reviewer to track which files they've completed reviewing, if there are defects or discussions still ongoing.  In that case, you don't want to mark the file as accepted, so it would be nice if there was a "Review completed for this version" button or flag.


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    The overall "accepted" check mark sort of does this for you.

    The problem is when new versions are uploaded, it seem all check marks disappear.

    If only the check marks dissappeared from a file that has a new version uploaded, then the check mark would allow you to see what still needs review.

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    User Comments:


    Sometimes files are reviewed outside CoCo, during sync reviews for example.

    These sync reviews often have a lot of files and most of the times all are OK.

    So to prevent opening each file and mark it OK and go on to the next one it would be convenient to have an option in CoCo to select a set of files and then with one click all these files can be marked OK.


    What I don’t want is an option to mark all files in the review OK, as sometimes a few are not OK.

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    If the Overall checkmark is checked and collaborator receives a further file Change Overall checkmark is still checked even if there are not reviewed Content.