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9 years ago
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Prevent Cross References from breaking when a .doc/.docx is converted to PDF

Currently, when a .doc/.docx is converted to PDF by Collaborator any cross references in the document break.

This is a known issue with .doc/.docx -> PDF conversion and there are several workarounds available outside of collaborator. Most of these work by setting the area of the document to the size of the PDF before conversion because the cross references are maintained by absolute location in the document which changes when the conversiont takes place.

It would be nice if Collaborator could perform some sort of workaround when it autoconverts documents to PDFS.

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    While they are working on this, as a workaround try using Word to save your DOC as PDF and upload the PDF version instead, you may get better results.  The good thing is Collaborator is also capabable of highlighting changes made between two PDF documents.