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7 years ago
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Please add a keyboard shortcut to "File Mark Accepted, Overall"

Subject says it all: Please add a keyboard shortcut to "File Mark Accepted, Overall".  We use the mark file as accepted for two reasons -- keeping track of where you are in the review -- what files you've seen and which ones you have not.  Also to communicate to the stakeolders we did, in fact look at each file.


My current workaround is to enable accessibility features (under windows) to allow me to use a keystroke to "click" using MouseKeys.


Ideally, it would be good to have an overhaul of the functionality of doing reviews with the keyboard.  Why not have all the navigation, acceptance done on the numeric keypad (with num-lock off).

8=previous change

2=next change

4=previous file

6=next file

5=Mark accepted (file)


If you decide to do this, do usability testing on the feature.  Repetitive keystrokes should be "close to each other" like "next file" and Next Change and Mark as accepted.


Another thing that could be improved is marking files as accepted in bulk.  For instance on some reviews we may get 50 or so files that get deleted.  Marking them accepted is very tedious.




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  • Also the pop-up messages that ask to either go to the top of the file (modal dialog) are disruptive, since there are no keystrokes to for Yes or No,  and remember the choice does not seem to work consistently.  This dialog is a nuisance the way it is now.