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6 years ago

Multiple Checklist for One Template

Could you add multiple selection of Checklist Templates for a Review Template? (Example: In Collaborator, multiple custom fields can be choosen in a review template.)


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    This would be a nice feature.   We curently have 4 Review templates simple because each discipline wanted their own Checklists.  If we had the capability of letting users select a checklist or allowing only users in a particular group access to a checklist and select it upon review creation then that would allow me to consolidate Review Templates and manage them more effectively.

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    I agree with this suggestion. We have moved away from using checklists because of this limitation, as different review types require different checklists. We don't want to have 4 templates, when the only difference is the checklist content. I've experimented with including all review type checklist content, but that gets hard to follow and our users didn't read it because of so much content.

  • pete5280 this is in our backlog.  We have a clear scope, we've done some design work and ideally we'll be able to size it during the next 4-6 weeks.

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    JCollier thanks for the response. Do you know which version of Collaborator this is targeted for? That will help us with planning upgrades.

  • pete5280 I cannot provide a version number at this time.  I would imagine it will be a 12.x release.  As of now, we don't plan to move to 13 any time soon.

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