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8 years ago
New Idea

Move “Invalidate Login Ticket” button on the Account Preferences screen.

The Settings/Preferences page is used by users and admins 99% of the time to reset passwords.    However, right under the Password field is the Invalidate Login button – a button which is rarely ever used.


When users go to this screen to change their passwords they are confused by the Invalidate button, leading to them getting logged off and their password not being reset.  


Honestly, there is no reason for the Invalidate button to be front and center like this.   I suggest the Invalidate Login Ticket button be moved to the bottom of the window.  For the convenience of the end users, maybe even consider putting an additional Save button right under the Password field


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    Maybe also rename the button to something like "Log out on all clients" which I think would be clearer for less technical users.  The text below the button explains what will happen but users often gloss over wordy text, which I guess has contributed to this request being made in the first place :)

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    Indeed.   They are entering passwords then clicking the button right underneath the password field.   Human behavior...