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9 years ago
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More options on the "Marked Fixed" button

Add more options other than "Marked Fixed" in Collaborator.  Marked Fixed can be confusing.


Mark Fixed

Mark Closed

Concur with Reject

Concur Withdrawal


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    I have a feeling that the preferences for additional values could vary by customer, so if additional buttons / options are added, would be nice to make them optional.  For code/document reviews I personally like the simplicity of the single "Mark Fixed" button, but renaming to "Mark Closed" could be a bit more universal; possibly could add a field indicating the reason for closing the defect, but this could be already done by adding a custom defect field.

  • I personally don't think we need so many options, but we do need to distinguish between a "fixed" defect and a "withdrawn" defect. Right now the only ways to withdraw a defect is to it mark it fixed (which is misleading, and also bad for auditing and reporting) or delete it (after which, if it turns out that the defect was valid, it can't be restored.. a new defect has to be created).


    If there is a way to undelete a deleted defect that would be a suitable workaround IMO.


  • Hi, all. Anything being done with regards to this suggestion, or some of the alternatives mentioned in the comments?

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    Sorry, the enhancement is not on the roadmap yet. However, to my opinion, this may be a good enhancement so we assigned an internal ticket ID to it: COLLAB-1574.

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    Hi all. Is there any progress with this topic? Will it come in an estimated version and could you inform us about this? It was opened 2 years ago and hasn't arrived yet. Only "Mark Fixed" can cause confusion.

  • we utilize the assignee field to pass responsibility.  first the implementer, then the verifier, if rejected, set back to implementer. if determined not needed, add that the the defect text and close.