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5 years ago
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Mention and Notify User From Review Comment

I would like a way to indicate to another Code Collaborator user that a comment I've made requires their input and notify them specifically about that action item.  In several tools including Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, and others (including this form, apparently), you can type "@[user name]" where "[user name]" is the name or nickname of another user and that user will be directly notified that they have been mentioned in a comment.


The use case I have for this is to expedite communication in conversational comment threads.  Sometimes I may have an idea for a change or issue in a review, but I want feedback from another user with relevant experience, so I would mention them to indicate I'd like their input.  Currently, I can poke the user, but then they don't have any context for why they've been notified.


Ideally, a mention system would search based on display names since our SSO setup requires login names that look like random text.  An autofill system would make using this feature much easier.  Additionally, having some marker on the website that indicates where you've been mentioned would be useful.


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    Actually its not a duplicate but an extension. We now have the ability to tag a user so the previous request has been satisfied, and I think it should now be removed. The problem which this request addresses is the lack of an autocomplete feature while trying to tag someone. We are an international company, and our surnames can be extremely complex to spell. Some assistance (autocomplete) would be good.