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7 years ago
New Idea

Make better visibility of the uploading process.

Submitted on behalf of Salek Hamer from KLA-Tencor:



Just realized what the problem was... I kept re-submitting the Outgoing change-set from RTC to the review, but did not realize that I did not check-in the new versions to the change-set. So there in fact were NO new files in the change-set to upload. HIGHLY recommend that when such an operation is attempted (i.e. adding a change-set with ALL code modules being identical to the already existing modules in the review), you flag this as a warning, and tell the user that NO NEW VERSIONS were added. This will serve as an excellent reminder that the user forgot to add changes in a change-set. If a change-set is complex and contains many modules, this will be a tremendous time saver for all involved.
The way the system responds now is even more misleading than no response at all- it catches the fact that RTC requested the upload activity, and then pops up a dialog that asks to show new versions, leading the user to think that all is OK...


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