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9 years ago
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Make automatic generation of unread "Marked review action fixed:" comments a configurable option.

If we want to configure the roles so that all comments must be read befor the review can be closed then the automatic generation of unread "Marked review action fixed:" comments forces another time-wasting back-and-forth between the author and reviewer before the review can be closed. It would be great if the "Marked review action fixed:" comments could be generated as being already read or alternatively not included as unread comments when determining whether the review can be completed or not.


The sequence of events that causes the scenario are as follows (with the roles configured to require reading all comments):


1)     Reviewer creates an action item in a review.


2)     Author addresses action item and uploads a new file.


3)     Reviewer marks the action item as fixed and in doing so a "Marked review action fixed:" comment is automatically added to the review. The review is effectively finished at this point but the reviewer is unable to approve the review because there is an unread comment (the "Marked review action fixed:" comment) that the author needs to first mark as read. This is the problem.


4)     Needlessly the author goes must now go back and load the review to mark all of the "review action fixed" comments as read. If there are a lot of files in the review this has to be done manually for each file. Also, if there happen to be additional comments left by the reviewer along-side the "Marked review action fixed:" messages then the author needs to sort through all of the useless "review action fixed" comments to try and find the useful comments.


5)     The reviewer now needs to go back and open the review to do nothing more than click the Approve button which could have been done in step 3 if the "Marked review action fixed:" comments weren't automatically generated and marked as unread and weren't preventing the review from being closed. For our use-case this extra step is both a nuissance and a waste of time and therefore we cannot configure the roles to read all comments even though we would prefer to have the roles configured that way.


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    hmmm.   Not much discussion on this yet.


    I wonder if this leads to a broader question of review flow and roles.   We we (my company) become more avid users, the review flow is becoming more confusing, partially due to instances as we see above and with another idea.   When can you say "I'm done" and how do you end the endless back and forth of "someone touched this - you need to come back and touch it now".    The flow isn't documented well.   In all videos they only have 2 reviewers, which makes for a nice back-and-forth, but pull in 6 reviewers and it seems we're constantly re-touching things, and reviews close when everyone seems to send an "are you done" email rather than using the tool. 


    How might we actually address ChrisWM's comment, and maybe even broaden the discussion on flows and states...