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8 years ago
New Idea

Make a richer file system available for uploaded files.

When you use Client GUI to upload SCM files into a review, you get the source (SCM) file structure uploaded to a review’s Review Materials section.


However, when you use the Web UI to upload files (that are NOT in CM) to a review, you are limited to a ‘flat’ file system, where ALL your files are at the top level.   You can’t upload folders (or nested folders), and the Web UI doesn’t allow you to ‘create’ a folder to upload files into.   Drag-and-drop will also not recognize folders dragged into a review.  


We have several instances where this would be useful


  1. a) General nesting, where a folder structure will match the known development structure. As in:



> Guidance

>> Algorithms.c

>> exec.c

> Nav

>> compensation.c

>> calc_V.c








  1. b) Test results, where we have several copies of the same file name, yet each is unique to where it lives. As in:



> input.txt




> input.txt




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