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4 years ago
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Git Repository Name on review with multiple git repository.

When you add several changes from git via GUI client to one review there is no way to understand which repository the file belongs to.

For example(screen in attache), if several commits contain files with the same name, you can only understand which repository they refer to using a hash. The screenshot shows an example when all 3 files with the same name refer to different repositories.
Adding the name of the repository, and not just the file with changes, would help us a lot.
Thanks for attention!


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    I think it would be very helpful if the repository name was specified in the review materials section when commits from multiple repositories are manually added through the Collaborator GUI or command line. Currently all commits show up under the same "Changes from Git" heading, so you cannot differentiate which files go with which repository. Instead of just the "Changes from Git", it could show "Changes from Repo1"..."Changes from Repo2". Or "Changes from Git" can remain, and commits from the same repository are grouped under a heading specifying the repository name. 

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    I 2nd this suggestion. This should be done even for reviews only used for a single repo. Currently you have to go up to the "Remote System Links" and check which repo the files are from - and even then it doesn't give you the URL, just the nickname of the repo as was entered by the admin during setup of the Git integration. This should be fairly easy since the repo URL is also entered when setting up the Git integration.

  • agree with all the comments, would add that this is also an issue with other config tools that are based in a distributed system (like Hg - Mercurial)