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10 years ago
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Easier Way to Differentiate Between Updated Files



Would it be possible to find an easy way to let to Reviewer know which files have been updated in a review? Right now the Reviewer must click on the files to see what has changed. Could the "added/changed/deleted" numbers be a difference from the last reviewed/accepted revision as opposed to a running count of all modifications to the file? Even a visual indicator like (*) next to updated files with changes from the previous reviewed/accepted would be sufficient. As things are now, it's a really chore to review code using Code Collaborator.




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    It should be easy to see the changed files from the main review screen.  A column that indicates changes from one version to the next in View As Separate, and the same column can show "changed since previous upload" in View as Overlay".

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    The main review screen does indicate files that have been changed - the status column in the review materials section indicates how many times a file has been reworked.  The only difficulty I can see is it's not easy to tell when the file was last changed, or which file(s) were updated as part of the last upload.  Maybe add the date the file was last uploaded to the status column, or highlight files that have changed since the reviewer last opened them in Collaborator.