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8 years ago
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Creating a Lean review creation process

When custom fields are created to Templates and used for the creation of reviews, some fields are fixed per project - for example, Project Name, Project Id and Template name for the review.  As reviews are a very key part of the development processes (teams create a lot of them) it would make sense to provide a way to set default values for such custom fields.  As an example, Team member x, should be able to specify for all reviews he created, he would like Template to be to Template1, Project Name to by "My Project" and "Project Id" to be set to 123.


This would make the creation of review so much easier.



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    This looks similar in intent to the Clone/Copy review idea that I previously submitted here

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    eh - kind of.     I definitely want your Clone/Copy feature.


    This is asking for more of a 'preferences' (if I ready it right).   SO whenever you entered 'create a review' - some fields would be auto populated with your defaults.