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9 years ago
New Idea

Configurable Defect Log

(un)hide columns

Is it possible to have the ability to hide columns in the defect log.

It would be nice, for reading purposes, if we are able to hide and unhide (as an example) the “ID”, “location” and “Origin” to save space on the defect log.


Possibility to open the review screen in a new tab by Clicking on a defect (right mouse click?)

By clicking on a defect the review screen should be able to open in a new tab and not in the same window (or at least provide a choice)


Column wrap is the text is too long

Do not cut of the text but wrap the text


Provide a horizontal scroll bar

The overview should fit in the screen, so it the columns take up too many space provide a scroll bar (even better make the column width configurable


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