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9 years ago
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Coloring scheme

The coloring scheme of the defect status does not help in getting a clear overview on where you are in the processing of defects. This is due the use of only bright colors that draws attention for everything; even for defects that are already processed (green). The defect list is a Christmas tree.
I have seen a lot of complaints from users about the coloring scheme that Collaboraot uses for a long time so apparently there is a philosophy behind it. Please allow a user to configure his own coloring scheme (and save it permanently).

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    It is unclear what you mean by a "clear overview" which of course is available in the "Issue Log" section.


    Perhaps what you are wanting is a "softer red/green"  for defects that have been checked(accepted) or marked read by reviewers.  In that way a reviewer can see more clearly which defects they have examined.