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8 years ago
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Collaborator feature request: allow "sticky" approval for reviewer

The feature I'd like to request is to allow a reviewer to optionally choose to have their approval "stick" if all of their defects have been addressed in a review. As an example scenario:


Reviewer 1 opens a defect
Reviewer 2 opens a defect
Review is sent to Rework
Author corrects Reviewer 1's defect in an upload
Review marks their defect as 'fixed' and approves the review
Author uploads new version correcting Review 2's defect


With the current functionality, Reviewer 1 will be required to re-approve their review even though their defect was already fixed in the previous upload. Reviews frequently move between inspection and rework several times as defects and corrections are debated, with some reviewers' defects being completely fixed in early iterations. The current implementation requires that they continue to mark a review as approved in each iteration even though, for them, nothing has changed.


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    I see where you’re going with this.   It can be frustrating to ‘be done’ with a review, only to be made active over and over just to read little notes.


    But, wouldn’t it also be important for Reviewer 1 to look at the authors solution to the Reviewer 2 issue?   While small, it is also new work product, and the author could have introduced a new bug that Reviewer 1 could have caught.   Is there a danger of no one reviewing the last change made to a work product because everyone else has signed off already?

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    I think there are a couple of things you may be able to with existing Collaborator - typically if a reviewer doesn't want to have to re-approve every time a new comment is made, or in the described scenario, when a new file is uploaded, when clicking Approve the user is presented with options on when to be notified (which I believe means your status also goes back from Approved to Active) - when any activity occurs, file activity occurs, activity by author, poked, etc. 


    So if a reviewer wants their approval to stick, I think they could choose the option to be only notified when they are poked.  One thing to note is that some role types may be required to read every comment (that is configured by the Collaborator administrator, in the role settings I believe), so these notification options may not be available for every role type - you may also need to adjust Collaborator's settings to turn off the 'required to read all comments' option for certain roles (but I do also agree with what johnmcdraper was saying, it often makes sense for certain role types to be required to review every comment / file revision / etc.).