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9 years ago
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Approve ... Until (like Wait options)


In general, Code Collaborator has several annoying and time-wasting cases of throwing reviewers out of approval; this feature would help address some of them:


Upon clicking "Wait" there are several options to control when you will be pulled out of Waiting.  It would super nice if there were similar options added for "Approve".


For example:  I'd like to click "Approve" and have it present a similar list of options.  Givne the current behavior of Approve, it seems that the option selected would be "Activity by Author Occurs".  Then I'd like to select a different option, like "File Activity Occurs" so that I can stay in the Approval state, despite newly added comments by the author.


This would help prevent annoying cases such as throwing reviewers out of Approval near the end of reviews; say because some other reviewer posted a question to which the author responds (perhaps to educate them on something) but where the new comments are trivial to the actual approval-ness of the review.  This should not throw the approved reviewers out of Approval, but currently the authors comment does, and so that just turns into annoying time-waste communication between author and reviewer (via Pokes, email, chats, in-person, etc) to get reviews re-approved.  At some in a code review, reviewers are satisfied with the code and approve based on that, so any further comments afterward, without file activity, is most often just unnecessary noise to them.

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