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10 years ago
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Allow reviewers to ignore rebased files that are not part of the review (UCM)

One of my co-workers had a long-running review open, and ended up rebasing his local changes several times (on top of remote changes performed by others in the stream).  This caused unrelated changes (the code brought in as part of the rebase) to show up in the review.  Reviewers were not sure which changes to comment on.


If UCM-based reviews provided an option to filter out code that's part of the rebase, and only show changes made by the author, the reviewer experience would be much easier.



  • We have the same issue with GitHub. Merge commits pollute the reviews and Rebasing breaks Collaborator. 

    I worked with the dev team to try to exclude merge changes, but it gets tricky when there are conflicts.

    Not sure how UCM works but for GitHub it'd make more sense to show a diff of the dev branch vs. latest master rather than keeping track of incremental commits on the dev branch. That's what GitHub pull request diff does.