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5 years ago
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Allow author to see volatility of approvals

In Collaborator, a reviewer can click “Send To Completed” to approve a review – when they do, they can choose what kind of event would remove the approval.
- A file upload, or just any activity at all, like a comment.

The review Author can see the approval in the participants section, but the author cannot tell whether adding a comment would wipe out the approvals or not.
It would be helpful if the author could see how volatile an approval is.

Will the approval only be removed if the reviewer is poked? If a file is uploaded? Or if any comment whatsoever is made?

Given that approvals can have different levels of volatility, it would be useful for the Author to see that – perhaps as a tooltip over the Approval state in the participants summary area.

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    5 years have passed by since the question above was posted.   Nothing from the SmartBear support team to say?