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6 years ago
New Idea

Add micro-delay while typing in auto-search fields to avoid lag

Part feature request, part bug fix.
We're using cc with the server running 11.2.11200
We have a large group, with thousands of people in the instance.
When I go into the administration portal and try to add people to groups, there's a performance bug. Eg: Users that are members of this Group
When I start typing names into the "available users" field, sometimes it lags horrendously and can take 15+ seconds to return my window to responsiveness.
Names that start with "d" are really bad, for example. Names that start with "b" are less of a problem.
I think this is due to the algorithm matching any part of the username or email. "d" will just be more common.
What I'd like to see is if it waits 0.5-1.0 seconds after I finish typing before it triggers the search. If I can get even just 2 letters into the box, then the performance problem should disappear.
Currently, I'm working around this by typing in another window and then copy+pasting the name in.
I also trigger it with an empty text box, so it's matching for every name that contains "".
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