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2 years ago
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Add a "Ready for Approval" state to defects

It would be helpful if there was a third state to indicate that a defect has been resolved, but still needs to be "approved" (marked Fixed) by the author of the defect. Currently a defect only appears as "Open" or "Fixed" in the Defect Log. It is difficult to tell which defects have been resolved without looking through the comments, or having someone tell you to look at a specific defect. When there are a lot of defects in the Defect Log, a third state to filter on would make it easy to identify those defects that need to be marked Fixed. Maybe this could also be shown with a different color bug, instead of red or green. 




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    My team and I would appreciate this too.  Some add "Fixed" as a comment to indicate to themselves they've addressed it, which seems unnecessary.