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12 months ago
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Add a 5th Role

I work in a very large organization. The default 4 roles is not enough for my organization. We are having to combine roles to keep the number to 4. Given we have a lot of turnovers, we have rookie team members who make mistakes executing processes. The additional 5th role is needed to correct mistakes made by rookies in SmartBear. When I say rookies, it also includes managers and technical leads who have no experience with the document material and can prematurely move the review to the next state when it isn't ready.


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    I have the same need, but would request 10 roles.

  • we initially thought the same thing, but after using the tool, there is no need for more roles.

    Internally, we determined that there are duties associated with a review and their are roles as defined by the tool .  Several people may have various duties to perform, but when you break it down, their needs (roles) in the review process can be covered by 4 roles.