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7 years ago
New Idea

Want link from Log Item to the Test Item

After a test runs and I am looking at the log, I am able to look at the Call Stack or the Message and link to the Test.  That's great! 


But, almost every time, I also want to resume the test run with a specific test item at or near the one I'm looking at in the log. So, the left pane is called, "Log Items" and it contains a mirror image of the project items that ran. 


One way to implement could be a new right-mouse popup in that Log Items pane, called something like, "Jump to Project Test Item". This is the same popup that contains the options:

  * Create Issue

  * Send via E-mail

  * Select Panel >

  * Export to

  * Post Defect to Bugzilla >

  * View Results in IE

  * Error >


I hope everyone Kudos this.  I need $10.

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    I accidentally posted this idea for "AQTIME", and now I have rekeyed it into a feature request for TestComplete. Sorry, is there a way to make this one go away/hide?