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Light Coverage Results: Merge routing results regardsless of the template parameter

The results of the "Light Coverage" profiler should merge the results of all routines with different template parameters.


Let's say, you have code like the example below. When you profile the application with AQtime (Light Coverage Profiler), you will get two lines in the results output: one for the template parameter "int", and one for the template parameter "double". None of the two routines are marked fully covered, whereas the combined/merged coverage for all template parameters would be 100%.

We have lots of code like in this example, and we are only interested in the total coverage of "silly_function", regardless of the used template parameter. Would it be possible to implement this "merge" feature into a future version of AQtime?


Code Example
#include <iostream>

template <typename T>


T silly_function(const T arg)
   if (arg < 5) return (arg + 1);
   else return (arg - 1);


int main(int argc, char* argv[])
std::cout << silly_function(4) << std::endl;
std::cout << silly_function(6.0) << std::endl;


Light Coverage result:
Routine Name % Covered
main 100
silly_function<double> 66.6666666666667
silly_function<int> 66.6666666666667

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