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4 years ago

Zephyr (v5.6.3.56308814) is not working/incompatible with Jira v8.5.8

Hi Team,

From tomorrow onwarding we are running with zypher issue in jira, Whenever we enable zypher one node of jira is getting slow.
Also We are not able to view test cases in Jira Test Cycle. Whenever we try to open the test cycle link, it is not showing any test cycle and test cases there. A notification is shown above as “ Zephyr Indexes are currently under Maintenance, data is not retrievable at this time. System will be available in a very short time. ”
Test Executions are also not being loaded.

Kindly asist or help us out in above ASAP.


Many Thanks,
Anuja Thakare

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  • Hi Anuja,


    Looking at the screen shot its evident that the Zephyr is in the reindexing mode, there are 2 possibilities here

    Case1  - All nodes in the cluster is has this banne displayed, which means an indexing operation was explicitly triggered. 

    Case 2 - One a single node has this banner and other nodes don't have this, which means this node is in a sync mode, it is trying to sync up the Zephyr indexes with the other nodes, this typically happens whenever you add a new node to the cluster or restart a node after a long interval of time the node which has come up will take time to copy over the delta data from the other nodes. 


    If this is happening on a  single node in a cluster, tehn remove the node from the load balancer so that no user traffic is routed to this node but it is still clustered. It will eventually come out of the maintenance mode once the sync process is completed, at which point you can add this node back to the load balancer. 


    if the node does not come out of this re-indexing mode after waiting for a considerable amount of time (the sync time  depends on the data volume to be be copied between the nodes) then please reach out the Zephyr support team who can work with you to identify and resolve the problem. 


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      Hi AnujaThakare ! I see that you replied straight to email notification, please note that this way your reply won't reach the community. Let me copy it here for this time, please make sure to reply inside the forum in the future, thank you!



      Hi Team,

      Many Thanks for your quick response and help,
      Zephyr is working fine after hard re-indexing all the projects.
      Thank you for the resolution, the ticket can be closed.

      Can you please send me the link of this ticket I tried a lot to fine from mange case but they are asking to login the page and I am getting login issue it could be very help full for me if you send me the link of issue/ticket directly

      Thanks & regards,
      Anuja Thakare