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3 years ago

Zephyr Squad integration with Automation Tools (Selenium, java , Junit)


I am working with Zephyr Squad and I would like to integrate my automatic Selenium project with Zephyr and be able to change via API the status of the tests we run.

I follow the documentation:

I see in the Zephyr Squad Cloud REST API documentation that many endpoints ask for the values of ExecutionID, CycleID, etc and one of the questions is:

  1. where do I get all this information related to cycles, versions, executions to be able to launch these endpoints?
  2. On the other hand, is there any example project to use as a guide and to know how to approach these changes via api in an automation project (java, maven)?

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    Did you find a solution for this? Even I'm working on this but couldn't get any help.