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2 months ago

Where is the POST stepresult API?

Hi, I started working in a project to migrate my Zephyr integration from Server to Cloud. In my original setup, I used to create step results manually by calling POST stepresult API to later update ...
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    2 months ago

    Alright, as usual, given there are pretty much no answers across the whole internet, the support team seems to no longer be around, and because the official documentation does not mention it at all, I will post what I was able to find and fix all by myself:

    The create stepresults API is no longer available, but there is still a way to create them and, although documentation does not mention it in here:

    The GET execution API, for some strange reason, creates the stepresult objects for whatever number of teststeps you already have tied to that execution, issue and project ids. 

    This means you have to run this API before trying to get stepresults to update the teststep status.

    Hope this answer helps anyone that had the same issue as me.