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2 years ago

What's the difference between Zephyr-Squad , Scale and Entreprise

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  • Hi TomyIT 


    Simply put: Scale and Squad are plugins residing in Jira. ie in order to access you would using Jira.  


    Zephyr Enterprise is a separate beast residing in its own standalone infrastructure however it does integrate quite tightly into Jira, with multi jira options too. 


    Squad is used to get teams started with test management however functionality is as it is out of the box. It might be deemed basic or limited however this is as one would expect in a lot of atlassian plugins. 

    Take nothing away from it tho, if your a startup, very small team size or if there is nothing in place for test mgmt its still a good starting point. 


    Scale, while it is still a plugin provides alot more advanced features and capabilities than squad, provides greater visibility/reporting features etc 


    Zephyr Enterprise is fully fledged test management tool, as mentioned above. Tends to be more customizable, feature rich along with continuous enterprise grade support, more flexible ability to integrate with automation tools, especially 3rd party / open source tools and much more... 


    As for which one should you choose, it really depends on what your requirements are, whether or not you are currently using an existing test mgmt tool at the moment and also where you want to go in the future with how you manage your QA process


    If you want to reach out let me know and I can arrange that


    For now see below for more information on the tools