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2 years ago

Sort test cases by Feature

Management has asked me to 'go through my test cases' with them, so I created a filter to gather all of my test cases so that I could export them and then walk through each test explaining what it does and what features it covered.  However, now that I have created a filter in Jira to list all of my Zephyr Squad BDD test cases, I cannot figure out a logical way to sort them.  I would like to sort them by Feature as it would be much easier to explain my test cases to others if the tests were grouped within their feature rather than just a long (and seemingly random) list.  Is there a way to sort/collate the test cases by the Feature/Story they are linked under?

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    Not sure exactly if you're using issue links with the test cases or another jira field, but this is what I got using JQL to search for issuelinks. You'll have to add a column in for "links" on the search page, and unfortunately you cannot filter this column (like summary or priority). My issue links are not consistent so I did the search a few different ways: 

    project = KIM AND issuetype = Test AND issueLinkType = "relates to" 


    project = KIM AND issuetype = Test AND issueLinkType = "blocks"


    This website has a lot of helpful JQL - 


    Hope this helps! 🙂