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2 years ago

No Defects Created after Test Automation



I am trying to set up Defect Configuration in Zephyr Squad but have been unsuccessful. To my understanding, for each of the Test issues that are created for a Test Automation task, if the issue is a 'FAIL' then a new Defect should be created.


My steps:

1) Create a Test Automation task

2) Create a Defect Configuration

3) Link the newly created Defect Configuration to the Test Automation task in step #1

4) Execute the Test Automation task


After step #4, the Test Automation task gets the status of 'SUCCESS'. When I look at the Test issues that are created as a result from the execution, I can see some of the Tests have the status 'PASS' and some have the status 'FAIL' (as expected). However, each of the Test issues with the status 'FAIL' do not have a Defect automatically created.


I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if I am using 'Defect Configuration' incorrectly? I have followed the documented steps here and am still having issues: Defect Configuration | Zephyr Squad Server Documentation (


Thank you in advance,



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