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6 months ago

How can I address Zephyr fields in Xporter templates?

I want to create a Xporter template for exporting test cases. The template works so far with attributes from the Jira issueType "Test".

But when I use ${Zephyr Teststep}in the template, the following is written to the created export file (DOCX), in that case:



I was not able to figure out how to address the test step content of a Zephyr test case. I want to create a custom table with the test steps in the rows and the "step", "data" and "result" in the columns.


How can I achieve this?

I found the following XML snippet when a test case is exported to XML:


<customfield id="customfield_11820" key="">
<customfieldname>Zephyr Teststep</customfieldname>
<step>Test step 1</step>
<data>Test data 1</data>
<result>Result 1</result>
<step>Test step 2</step>
<data>Test data 2</data>
<result>Result 2</result>


Another issue is: where do I find the documentation for Xporter and Zephyr for these versions?

Jira Server: 8.20.11

Zephyr Squad: 6.2.9

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