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2 years ago

Getting {"message":"Please provide correct framework."} error message.

Hello everyone,


I'm having an issue with creating an automation task with the request body that I'm passing. I'm receiving the error message {"message":"Please provide correct framework."} I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before and if there is a workaround for it?

The request body I'm passing is as follows:


jobName: "Job1",
cycleName: "cycle name",
automationFramework: "JUNIT",
folderName: "Folder1",
appendDateTimeInCycleName: true,
appendDateTimeInFolderName: true,
versionName: "Unscheduled",
projectKey: {"Project key"},
cycleStartingDate: "",
cycleEndingDate: "",
createNewCycle: false,
createNewFolder: false,
file: reportXml,
assigneeUser: {"user id"},
jobDescription: "Descriptions"


Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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  • I'm getting the same message, are there any updates on this matter? Thank you in advance

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    You have to use "Multipart/form-data".  Posting a json request wont work