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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) folder specific /testrun/search returns all test runs of the project

We are using ZS version 9.7.0 on Jira data center with Zephyr Scale Server API (v1). We have a project (TESTMGMT) with a calendar week based folder structure where we place the different test cycles...
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    2 years ago

    Hi hlackerm ,


    I can not reproduce this on our Jira instance. Make sure, you encode all necessary characters for the url. Like this: /testrun/search?query=projectKey%3D%22TESTMGMT%22%20AND%20folder%3D%22%2FTM%2F2023%2FKW%2049%22&fields=key,name


    Maybe this helps. Let me know.