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3 years ago

[Zephyr Scale] If Parameter name is modified in the test script, it does not update in the Step

1.  Create a parameter in the Zephyr Scale > Test script.

2.  Add it in the Test steps.

3. Edit the parameter name and save.



Expected Results:

The parameter name is updated in the test steps where ever it has been used.


Actual Results:

The parameter name does not update.


  • I think that Menaka meant the linked entry in the test step description.


    If I change the name in the parameter table up top, the entry in the step will stay the same and the link to the parameter will in effect be lost.


    This would be a great feature to help make creating/changing test cases more efficient.


    Maybe you can raise an idea in the ideas portal.





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    It works for me (I'm on the server version) but the Test Case in the Test Player has to be updated - you should see a notification that says "This test script is outdated because the test case has been changed. Update this test script ."  Once you update, you should see the parameters update.