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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale dashboard widget - Questions for widget: Test execution scorecard by tester

I have some questions regarding the zephyr scale dashboard widget - Test Execution - Test execution scorecard by tester   1. How are open and closed in the scorecard defined (because there are many...
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    2 years ago

    I could have explained that a bit clearer...


    In a standard Issue setup, a new issue starts with a resolution status of 'Open' and should close with a resolution status that is not 'Open' (there are many resolution statuses but let's stick with 'Done' for this example).  An issue moves through its workflow statuses, e.g. Open > In Progress > Complete.  At each point of those workflow statuses the resolution status is unchanged, but you can have a trigger on the Complete status to set the resolution status to 'Done'.  If that trigger is not setup the issue resolution status remains 'Open'.  Zephyr Scale uses the Jira Resolution status and reads 'Open' as 'Open' and 'Done' as 'Closed'.