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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale - working with API and custom fields

Hi All,
I'm searching for a way to create a report that will show the last execution results by custom field.
I need by end of each day to show on jira dashboard a table with y = custom field  and x = status of executions

in my case:
the custom field is the build number and it's filled automatically on every nightly run.


thank you in advance,



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    Hi Hadar,


    This seems possible.  Your custom field would be in the Test Execution configuration area.  And your report would use Custom Query > Test Execution > [Custom field] = [build] and Test Execution > Result NOT IN "Not Executed" (if you want to only report on tests that were actually executed).


    You might also want to check out using Versions in Jira/Scale - not something I've worked a lot with, but it might be a cleaner solution than using custom fields.


    Hope that helps.



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      Thank you for the answer.

      the issue is that I need to show it as a table, I do not know which build is running every day so it should be like the built-in execution by version or score-board by version but instead of version use the custom field.

      I cannot use the version as it is right now as I need it by build and not by release... the versions are taken from the version release and I cannot add there as it will mess with other reports we have.

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    I don't think such a solution exists at the moment.  My workaround would be to build a solution in Excel, e.g. a pivot table, and export the data from Scale each day into Excel to update the report.


    To make that easier to manage you can create a one-off Scale report that returns all data for your project, and save as a Favourite to be re-run each day.  Your Excel solution would then need to take care of returning the data you just want to see.


    Hope that helps.  Let me know if you need any more help in that area?