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4 years ago

Where do I find Zephyr Scale's Test Plans to use?

In the Zephyr Scale documentation, there is the following information but where/how do I access the Zephyr Scale's Test Plans?

Management and basic approach

Zephyr Scale supports traditional (waterfall) development and testing processes. Traditional approaches demand that you plan test assignment and execution in advance, sometimes even before any code has been released. Some software companies, however, require greater emphasis and detail about the planning phase. To meet this requirement, you can use Zephyr Scale’s test plans. Instead of using Microsoft Word or Excel to create the main test plan, you can create and customize a test plan within Jira to address a broad range of planning topics, such as scope, strategy, resources, environments, risks, etc.



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  • Hi Colasact ,


    Right, so yes, test plans are collections of test cycles. It would fit well the case where you have a big release where you need to group many test cycles into one test plan for reporting purposes or for describing specific information about that test plan.


    You can find test plans in the main area of the app, just clicking on the "Plans" tab: