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2 years ago

When Zephyr Scale supports the Example, Examples, or scenario keyword format such as Cucumber

Our team is writing.feature files from any IDE like (IntelliJ or VS Code) in order to copy from the.feature files to store test cases on zephyr scale, however it does not fully support some keywords like Example, examples...etc.., as indicated in Gherkin Reference - Cucumber Documentation (Keyword). As a result, we are unable to save the test case owing to an improper format. It is quite beneficial when Zephyr Scale completely implements the keywords stated in the Gherkin spec.

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    Hi Huylee,


    There's no question in your post.  If you do need support with the Gherkin import it sounds like you might need to add a transformation step into your import process, e.g. a manual conversion of keywords - or you might be able to get some help from Smartbear support here: SmartBear Support


    Best, Andy