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2 years ago

Top 10 Defects Impacting Testing cannot filter out closed defects?



I have found there used to be(?) a way to filter out defects showing on the top 10 defects impacting testing gadget based on status. However, I can see closed defects linked to retested and passed tests in the top 10 list (these are obviously no longer impacting testing!) and can currently see no way to filter these out in the settings for the gadget.... anyone know how this can be fixed or another workaround to get a list that includes only currently open issues?


Screenshot below of the gadget settings only filters available are related to test cases, test plans or cycles... nothing related to defect status...?


TIA for your help!






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    Hi Ana,


    Sadly, Issue reporting is not yet in ZS Cloud version but I can see there is an option in the Filter by dropdown and if you choose Custom Query, you should see an option to filter by Test Execution.  If you set the Result condition (e.g. Not In "Pass") then I think that should fix it?


    Cheers, Andy