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4 years ago

Show attachments from a testcase in a testcycle execution

In zephyr scale you add an attachment to a testcase via the Attachments tab near Traceability tab. If you add this testcase to a testcycle and execute the testcycle than I don't see that attachment....
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    4 years ago

    Hi Nancy,


    Sorry, perhaps my explanation wasn't very good - I was in a rush 🙄.  There are 2 options:


    Attach files to the whole test case, or attach files to test steps in the Test Script:


    Test Case

    In the Test Player, for each test case there is an option to attach files.  To get to the test player you only need to click on the Test Cycle and you're there.  I've attached a screen print showing the location of the Attachments feature where you can add files into the test player.


    Test Script (Steps):

    Another option that is useful is to add files into the Test Script (which shows as the test steps in the lower section of the Test Player).  The advantage here is that you could show for example, screen prints to support expected results , etc.  To add attachments into the Test Script steps, go into the Test Case where before you were clicking on the Attachments tab, but instead of doing that, click on the Test Script tab.  In there, for each step, you will see an option on the right-hand side of the step to Attach Files (screen print also attached for you).


    Hopefully one of these options is what you're looking for.


    Best, Andy