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8 months ago

Rerun Test Cases in different environments

Hello Community!   I use to run the tests first in the develop environment and rerun them in staging, as a kind of regression and to be sure nothing is broken. What is the best way to organize my ...
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    8 months ago



    The roadmap portal can be found here: Welcome - Zephyr Scale | Product Roadmap (


    I've listed some thoughts on both approaches.  Given the choice I would go with multiple test cycles as for me it offers the best reporting options and the least risk of 'user error'.


    Multiple test cycles:

    • It's quick and easy to clone test cycles
    • Having multiple test cycles makes reporting and dashboarding clean and easy
    • You can use the Test Cycle homepage to view both cycles next to each other for an overview of testing progress
    • If you change the test cycles' underlying test cases, you may need to update multiple test cases in multiple test cycles (there is a request to have an 'update all' feature on the roadmap you can vote for 🙂)


    Multiple executions:


    • It's quick and easy to start a new execution and change the environment
    • Reporting and dashboarding is a little more involved (filter by environment)
    • Testers may forget to change the environment and skew your reporting
    • There's no immediate overview reporting against both environments in the Test Cycle homepage to understand progress (whereas with multiple test cycles that image is clear).


    Hope that helps.