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4 years ago

More API functions for Jira Server?

Hi,   it seems the V1 API is very limited.    We recently migrated from TestRail that had a very simple, but complete API. TestRail API  We had an Interface in our test system where an user can ...
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    4 years ago

    Hey SahnAlbert

    Was having a look at your question and from this list, these are my findings:


    1. get_sections API for folders is not available
      get_cases GET /testcase/search (each test case contains the folder path)
      get_run GET /testrun/{testRunKey}
      add_run POST /testrun
      get_tests potentially GET /testrun/search
      add_result POST /testrun/{testRunKey}/testcase/{testCaseKey}/testresult
      get_users (not really needed) available via Jira REST API


    For the folders API and other missing features, would be nice if you could submit it to Zephyr Scale ideas portal:


    I hope it's helpful!