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3 years ago

Migrate from Zephyr squad to Zephyr Scale


We currently use Zephyr Squad and would like to trial Scale however before we do, could you let me know how we would migrate all tests/cycles/executions etc from squad to scale please? 

Many thanks



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  • Hi Ed,

    We have recently posted our roadmap for Squad to Scale upgrades on this page.  

    Currently, if you are in Cloud, you can join our beta program.

    However, if you are on Server, you can migrate Test Cases using the built-in import feature.

    For other object types, you need to use our API.

    → Test cycles and executions can be recreated in Zephyr Scale using both Zephyr Squad/Scale APIs to read and write data from the source Jira project to the target Zephyr Scale project. Please find below the documentation for both APIs:

    The only objects that cannot be migrated are boards and filters.

    As for Cycles, you only need to keep in mind that the logic is different in Squad and Scale. While in Scale you have folders inside Cycles, in Scale it's the other way around.

    Best regards,
    Luzia Mendes

    Zephyr Migrations Manager

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      Hi, the link to the roadmap no longer loads, any updates to the URL?


      Do I understand correctly you could migrate the individual Test Cases out of Zephyr Squad Cloud using the features here and import into Zephyr Scale DC as Test Cases? Is the remaining issue getting the Plans -> Cycles -> Cases Hierarchy reconstructed in DC vs what sounds like Cycles -> Plans -> Cases in Cloud? 


      I opened a case 00563121 which may be unnecessary if I can get the answer here!


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    Sorry Ed, unable to help with this one.  It's been asked a few times and not answered.  I suggest you contact SmartBear support for an answer and if you get one, could you post it here for everyone please? ğŸ™‚


    Best of luck!



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      Hi there!
      I tried to address this question here.

      Let me know if you have further questions!