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2 years ago

Iteration in Reports in Zephyr Scale


Could you please let me Know where to find Iteration number in which test case was created in order to get Test cases (Summary) report. I need to enter Filter by Iteration because I do not see such filter as Created date and so on, there is just Iteration but I do not Know what is Iteration, where to find it? 

Or may be someone will let me Know how to get such Report in Zephyr Scale "all test cases created from 01/01/2023 till 18/01/2023? 

Thank you for your replies. 


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      Thank you for the reply. We create test cycles in Zephyr Scale and run them when it it necessary. And also I tried Sprint name in the Iteration field for filter but nothing comes up, may be there should be additional symbols, e.g. "Sprint =" or how should it be written there so that drop down list appears and Save button becomes active? 

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     The Scale feature works but you have to create Jira sprints for Scale to be able to pick up the info.  Here's an example that works for me - I can see VersionOne & VersionTwo appear in Scale...