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3 years ago

is there a way to customize the columns in the Zephyr Scale Excel reports ?

Hello,    I have a requirement to output test execution results at each release into an Excel file; however, many of the columns included in the report are not needed and I have to delete them manu...
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    3 years ago



    Sadly, there is no way yet to configure the output of the dataset from Zephyr but to get around this issue I created a 'data' sheet in Excel into which I pasted the Zephyr data, and another 'report' sheet that only shows the columns and data needed (by using formulas to reference the columns I wanted).  Once it's setup it's automated and will update each time you refresh the data.


    A couple of gotchas to think about:


    - I suggest you always delete all data in the 'data' tab before pasting in the dataset.  You could end up with fewer results than in a previous report and the dataset will not overwrite the records in Excel that have been removed in Zephyr

    - If you create custom fields, those may appear in the dataset results as new columns and may affect your column results in your 'report' sheet.


    Other than that, it worked well for me and I was also able to build some sophisticated reports using PowerPivot and DAX.


    Hope that helps.