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3 years ago

Importing test cases from zephyr squad to zephyr scale


I'm, trying to import test cases from  zephyr squad to zephyr scale. 

Steps below, 

1. zephyr squad -> Went to the test cycles and exported test cases to .cvs file

2. zephyr scale -> Under test , import from .csv 

this always gives me an error 

"The uploaded file could not be parsed. It seems to have invalid content.
Try again by uploading a valid file."


i have even tried the sample test case given in the below link to import, getting the same error



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  • Hi syamkachery 


    Hope all is well. 


    Just wondering did you manage to get this working? 


    It is hard to say with out seeing what information is being imported. 


    Can you share a screenshot? 

    If you cannot share the screenshot, reach out to support who will help 



    It would be nice also if you can share how it got resolved. 


    Just for future reference